il Paradiso

“A wise man once said, nothing. Then the young man came in screaming.”
Dreaming (original song)

I met her in the park
Friday night after dark
Those crystal eyes
Opened up mine
to the fortune of the sublime

When I took her lips
We soared to cosmic bliss,
Enamored, inside
A dream mystified

Then we ran into a piercing light
It asked us “What is the meaning of life?”
We both said “I don’t know,
We just keep living for the change”
The light said “Okay, be on your way” 

Walking on to our next dream;
A 3d screen of an ocean scene.
Tropic beauty; a solar delight
Ecstasy flowing; a stimulating flight

Oh, but danger!
On our trip
A big ol’ wave
Made us flip

Then the ocean was never the same
All the fish left out and drained
This cryptic conclusion to
The light’s only question
We could go home now
Far from uncertainty

The answer: 
Life is the adventure
Til death do us part
So we grabbed hands
And said “I do”

“"If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him" -JFK”
Capiciola, prosciutto, provolone. Delizioso!

Capiciola, prosciutto, provolone. Delizioso!

Marching Forward

"To not spend this evening out would mean a loss
Greater than any genuinely happy man could ever bear.
To not beseech the night time mystics, would be a crime
To your imagination and the yin in our life. 
In darkness you, too, can see.”
Screams the Commander, rifle in hand,
In order to rally his troops into the darkness.
Together, they marched forward, closing their eyes,
Since there was no difference if they were open. 

Night by Night,
They danced with the shadows,
Smoked and cheered to the stars,
Walked beside the moon’s reflection, and
Sang songs with the nocturnal beasts, before
Giving the night a rest.

Until the day, when the sun went down,
The men closed their eyes and
Walked on through a battling storm.
The sky was lit up from gunfire, but the men held their eyes closed, 
Never standing a chance, and
Never to see the sun again.
Sunshine was never to be the resolution
Seeing as this was the war of the night.


Vast, Viscous, Volatile

In Space, we wonder and explore,
While we commit treason on Earth.
In such a vast world, you would think
We appreciate what is before us.

Instead, we take advantage,
Abuse opportunity, and
Become viscous to the one
Meaningful thing we have.

High elevations and steep summits
To the deep craters and ocean’s abyss
And, in between, volatile efforts
To retain what we must never lose

Our world is Vast, Viscous, and Volatile.
A Vicissitude must be voluntarily viewed and not vacillated
Unless vacuity is the valued vow mankind intends to vivify
In this verdure vicinity we call Mother Earth



A Realistic Valentine View

I <3 you = I Love you, Really? 

The heart’s function, biologically,
Is to pump blood throughout your body, internally,
And in the process of pumping into blood vessels, metaphorically,
Bodies yet another function of the heart, that is, to love and be loved.

But why the heart and not the toe?
Why the heart and not every single vein?
And, why the heart and not the brain?
Because doesn’t what we think effect how we feel?

The heart is the symbol of love, yet wrongfully so.
It is possible to ask, what does the heart do for love,
And, how does it help us share who we are intimately, as individuals?
Biologically, there is no answer for these questions.

If love and character do not stem from the heart,
Then mustn’t it derive from our minds?

If this is true, love is nothing more than a manifested belief,
A certain opportunity in life not any different than any other task or will that
We desire, dwell to achieve, and dream about every day. 

So, What is love?
Love is the deepest bond or connection you can make between two minds.
It is not always mutual seeing as love can be a delusion.
Though, a mutual cognitive understanding, one might say,
Could even be true love. 

Shakespeare says “Love is Blind”
So are we, who consciously disfigure the functions of our bodies with Preconceived, hallmark holiday, commercial advertising, notions of The inexplicable and unpredictable facets of love.

Happy Valentines Day! 
Learn to love the right way
Open up your mind rather than your heart 

Get me here. Right Meow.

Get me here. Right Meow.

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Wobble-dy Wobble-dy Wa Wobble Wobble

Wobble-dy Wobble-dy Wa Wobble Wobble

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A Life Without Living Is No Life At All

I begin strolling out of the forest to the short, open field before the cliff.
The blades of tall grass are blowing in the wind; waves of green crashing
In the direction of the wind’s currents which,
Unless I am as mistaken as I am lost,
Are trying to guide me to an answer,
Any answer; maybe, the answer.
Fear creeps up on me while approaching the cliff’s edge
I tip to the ledge and find my answer in sight.

The Pacific has never looked more beautiful than now.
The sky and it’s breath taking blue with scattered shapes
Of orange and pink and the other sun-setting standards;
The ones that never get old.
The ocean is clear; purely majestic,
Full of mystery and Life,
Yet, below me, is the cliff’s  bottom;
Below me, lies death.
Fear starts to creep up on me,
Not because of death,
but because of life.
There is no life without fear, and there is not a life without death.
I fear the fact that, before death, I will not experience all of life.
I fall back from the edge and land in the blades.
The answer hits me with the wind which blows me back a few more paces
That’s it; I have yet to live.
I turn towards the tall trees and path of darkness.
Tomorrow, I want to see the Atlantic.
The next day, something else.
I enter the forest and never stop walking
Until it is my time to greet the sea from the cliffs edge
Once more and for the last time;
As an old friend, and an old man, who has seen it all.